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Hi, Jane here 🙂 I just purchased the aftershock URL and in the process of setting everything up. Till the transfer is complete, my old site is still up and running and can be viewed here:

A Shout Out for Psychiatric Survivors

I met a lovely psychiatric survivor several months ago who sent me this..along to the rest of you. Fellow survivors,

you are my heroes.

You inspire me.

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for fighting you daily battles.

Most people will never fathom the hell you all have been/go through.

Few may ever even know what it takes to be the amazing person you are despite of all you struggle with.

Its a privilege for me to say that I do.



Not the Smoking gun I was Hoping For

I’m feeling a bit discouraged today. A few months back I got my hands on my k-12 school file. I was exited because it had results from several rounds of psychological testing. I thought would help confirm my brain damage from ECT.   The problem?  I had some pretty profound learning disabilities before ECT.  My neurologist’s …

A Tragically Common Story

My story is a typical one, though were led to believe it’s not. Every shock survivor I’ve talked to has some variation of these experiences. Same song. Different tune. Our stories are valid; our damage doesn’t evaporate when someone points out Suzie Success Story who responded fabulously to shock. Nor does the issue of nonexistent …