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ECT Consent Project | Melanie’s Story

ECT Survivor Project Things I never consented to: Melanie's Story. Text next to a picture of a pen resting by an unchecked box that says I agree

Stories like Melanie’s aren’t they exception– they are the rule. People are being told ECT is harmless and serious side effects are rare. Some patients are even told ECT can improve memory! As if being disabled by ECT isn’t bad enough, when patients seek help putting their lives back together, doctors almost always DENY anything …

Who Are Anti-Psychiatry Activists? People Harmed by Psychiatry

These “anti-psychiatry” people have lost everything and bravely choose to speak out so others may be saved from this iatrogenic suffering and so the public and government can be made aware so justice can be served and protective changes made.

Psychiatry doesn’t look so noble when you put this tactic in its correct context. It’s is a well funded bully with the blind support of people taught that doctors are always good and trust worthy and their treatments scientifically sound.