When I was first damaged by shock and drugs, I was completely isolated by my experience. My doctors wouldn’t take my claims of damage seriously so I looked online but could only find pro-shock and pro-drug info. I thought I was going insane. Severely impaired but seemingly normal, I couldn’t explain why I wasn’t doing all the things everyone may age was. This isolation, denial and my failures made me suicidal for almost decade. Click here to read more on my about me page.

It took several years and search-term tweaks before I began to piece together an ugly reality only survivors and a few allies know. Patients are lied to, and irrevocably injured by drugs and electroshock. No one is listening to our injury reports or our pleas for help rebuilding our lives. 99.9% of mainstream media cheerfully promotes these debilitating treatments, and ignores, discredits and minimize those claiming injury.

Good, scientifically valid information and survivors accounts are scattered across the internet. Limited hard to find sources slows downs iatrogenically injured person’s’ search for truth and subsequently stalls healing process.

During this process, I so desperately wished for easily accessible answers and connect with others in the wandering through the same hell.

Aftershock is a that wish filled in reverse. No one should have to experience the trauma of electroshock and drug induced damage alone! I hope to save people the same suffering I experienced from psychiatry. My goal is to inform people considering ECT of the true risks and provide all the hard-found resources for those already injured so they can make sense of what happened to them and figure out what to do next and bring about awareness and social change.

Aftershock goals

  • Aftershock is a place for me to constructively deal with and make sense of my psychiatry induced injuries and trauma
  • give other survivors a platform to be heard
  • give people considering shock info they won’t hear from their doctors or read in consent forms
  • give iatrogenically injured survivors resources needed to understand what happened to them
  • share tools and resources that may help survivors rebuild their lives
  •  give that “me too” experience survivors so desperately need
  • point people to other survivors via online support groups

disclaimers and legal bla bla

Aftershock is run and paid for by me. I receive no financial support or influence from outside organizations.

I have no affiliation with CCHR or Scientology.

I make no money from this site but may add affiliate links in the future to support my efforts. No worries– I will tell you if I do.

I’m not a doctor or licensed mental health worker, and should not be treated as such.

Never abruptly quit taking psychiatric medications! Trust me on this. Withdrawing from even well-planned tapers can be hell. Abrupt unplanned ones aren’t worth the risks and suffering.

ALWAYS consult with your doctor or qualified expert for tapers.

If I find valid groups that assist with withdrawal. I will throw in a link.

how to use this site

Be critical of everyone–including me!

Part of how so many of us get drug addicted and brain damaged is because we trusted the wrong people. The risk of being mislead doesn’t go away when you step into the psychiatric survivors movement; It can be equally perilous. This is why it’s imperative to question every shred of information you come across, and every person claiming to have answers. Question me too!

I make every effort to provide good information,  make clear my sources and my stance on the topics I address, but mistakes happen.


Or as the Pharmaceutical whistleblower, Gwen Olsen says, “take back your power.”


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