Speed Demons: Dying for Attention

Picture of a blood spattered body outline on wrinked paper. Yellow police tape below the body. Title: Speed demons

A while back I shared a post by Andrew Thibault (pronounced tee-bow) about how the FDA covered up drug-induced homicide in children.

Thibault has a new documentary called Speed Demons: Dying for Attention; an exploration of the connections between pharmaceutical stimulant drugs and school shootings.

When a popular honors graduate becomes an unlikely campus gunman, citizen sleuths embark across the country to investigate the metamorphosis of a respected prosecutor turned mass shooter. Their investigation exposes a government cover-up, paints a picture of corporate greed, and unravels a medical mystery linking multiple school shootings.

Understanding drug side-effects & efficacy are crucial to keeping you, your family and community, safe.

It’s also vital because ECT is recommended when drugs don’t “work.” What doctors don’t tell you, and many probably still don’t know is that they don’t work half as well as they’re taught and can cause the problems they supposedly treat.

It’s also important to understand the FDA’s role in these drugs being approved, suppressing warnings and ignoring reports of injury and death from these drugs.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch for free or rent it.

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