Forced ECT on the Rise in New Zealand

heavy black text on white background: "Compulsory ECT is a breach of human rights... If the increase in compulsory ECT is based on accurate figures it is an outrage - it needs to be investigated and stopped.” smaller blue text: Mental health consumer advocate Mary O’Hagan smaller black text: HUNDREDS OF MENTAL HEALTH PATIENTS GIVEN FORCED ELECTROCONVULSIVE THERAPY author: JESSICA MCALLEN, VICE

Vice recently did a piece on the rise of forced ECT in New Zealand.

Hundreds of Mental Health Patients Given Forced Electroconvulsive Therapy 

An important angle not covered in this article: how informed were those who consented? A 2002 study Review of Consumers’ Perspectives of Electro Convulsive Therapy showed most people who consented weren’t fully informed of the risks. Some felt obligated to have ECT, among other issues addressed in the study.

Few of us would choose ECT again knowing what we know now.

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